Crescent Cushions



Thanks to its ergonomic shape which straightens the spine while supporting the hips, the crescent cushion is perfect for all cross-legged positions.

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  • Removable, washable cotton cover with handle for easy carrying
  • Inner pillow firmly filled with sturdy buckwheat hulls for superior support
  • Cover with YKK zipper, Opti zipper on inner pillow
  • Emission-free manufacturing
  • 100% latex-free
  • Made in Europe

Use & care

To adjust height and “give”:
Remove the cover and unzip the inner pillow to remove or add buckwheat hulls to match your needs.
The filling material will gradually compress over time, so it is recommended to add buckwheat hulls in due course.

To wash:
Remove the cover and machine-wash with a mild organic detergent. Select a gentle cycle at 30°C (40°C maximum). Hang until fully dry.

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